Hello, I’m Shana.

I’m an experience designer who revels in uncertainty and complexity.

“…playfully disrupting normal life and then re-establishing it on a new basis.”

My design philosophy has grown out of a desire to make complex concepts navigable for everyone. I got my start in museums, engaging the public through interactive exhibits on topics such as Mesa Verde archaeology and climate science. This has brought a subversive perspective to my roles in software; I know that a successful design process will cross into product strategy, service design, and change management. It requires a balance between pragmatism and radical change. It treats nothing as sacred while respecting what has come before. A good designer is a trickster, “…playfully disrupting normal life and then re-establishing it on a new basis.” (Paul Mattick, NYT)

Shana in a Zoom meeting with design colleagues

About me

I’m Shana West, and I’m a generalist UX designer. My favorite projects challenge me to make sense of sticky, complex problem spaces and processes….

My work

Over the years I’ve worked on a wide variety of products with many different methodologies, and I’ve been in a remote-ish SCRUM environment working on an EHR for the last 2 years….

Let’s figure stuff out together.

I’m interested in opportunities that allow me to sink my teeth into complex problems and devise new research and design strategies. Let me know if you’ve got a rat’s nest.